We have a clean history of 40 years in the private sector. We are a hardworking, honest, brave and pioneering organization operating in different areas. Reliability and integrity are the main principles of our companies. The motto that has shaped my business life is ‘Everything can be purchased except dignity’. This is the reason why we hold our reputation before all earnings. We are a team that does not yield, deviate from the right path and alter its course with every wind blowing in different direction. This is one of the main grounds of our standing tall and progress in a country like Turkey that goes through many vortexes over the years. We are a group that shares the gain and grows further with this sharing. I take great pride in seeing that we have achieved great success and come a long way together as a team.

I have great confidence that Pet Holding will grow stronger and continue to share as it grows for many more years and generations to come. I thank my family and all our employees that helped us reach where we are today; and sincerely wish to contribute to the development of our country by bringing lots of wealth from energy and foreign capital through a variety of investments and by supporting education, culture-arts and sports.

With hopes of gaining many more achievements together…

Prof. Dr. Güntekin Köksal
Founder President of PET Holding