Pet Holding and its group of companies, have been operating in the fields of trade, construction and mining, bringing together the experience, know-how and attention to detail  that have proven itself more than trustworthy, enabling them to work in differnt areas of the world since the date it was established. At present, Pet Holding companies are courageously and successfully working in various parts of Turkey and abroad adding new achievements to their portfolios as they continue to grow and break new grounds.

Petoil Inc.

Founded in 1990, Petoil Petroleum and Petroleum Products International Exploration and Production Company is a private oil exploration and production company that has 2 oil exploration and production licenses in Northern Iraq. It has pioneered by entering regions in the Middle East and Asia that no other petroleum company had entered before. Petoil is the first company to enter Azerbaijan in 1992 and Northern Iraq in 2002. In addition, it has been active in Kazakhstan, Yemen and Turkey.

Petkontur Inc.

Established in 1989, Petkontur has the characteristics of being the first Turkish company in Siberia with its turnkey project of undertaking the construction of 500-bed Novokuznetsk General Surgery Hospital. Petkontur has completed the turnkey construction of healthcare organizations (hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, cure centers); industrial facilities (leather, leather garments, bread factory, nut processing factories); housing complexes, neighborhoods, , repair and renewals of historic buildings (Dresden-Heppenheim); a vacation site (Petya vacation site) and technological constructions particularly in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Germany

Petkontur Inc. has developed projects in the Mediterranean and Aegean costs of Turkey, worked in the areas such as land development along with construction.


Club Petya, constructed and managed by Petkontur, has been serving its members and customers in Datça since 1974 with 44 apartments, 61 villas, facilities and green fields on an area of 74.000 m². Petya Club offers you peace and the feeling of  being a part of nature with its excellent sea view, sunrise and the importance given to the environment.

Pet Gayrimenkul Ltd.
Pet Gayrimenkul was founded in order to conduct, evaluate and develop Pet Holding’s land investments in different parts of Turkey.