PROF. DR. H. Güntekin Köksal
Pet Holding Chairman

Prior to founding Pet Holding in 1974, Prof. Dr. Guntekin Koksal spent 17 years with Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) holding a number of management posts in production, drilling, reservoir, machinery and maintenance.
As a Mining and Petroleum Engineer by background with two MSc’s from Leoben University in Austria, Dr. Köksal spent much of his pioneering career exploring and producing petroleum in places like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Yemen and Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 
Dr. Koksal was also the President of Directors of ROSTURK (Russia - Turkey Trade and Economy Union); Honorary Member of Turkish - German Industrialists and Businessmen Association; Board Member of Turkish - German Employers Union Confederation and Founding Member of Turkish-German Industry and Trade Chamber.

Ayşe Pınar Köksal
Pet Holding Board Member

A. Pınar Köksal was born in Adana, and studied pharmacy, receiving her diploma from the Private Higher School of Pharmacy in Istanbul in 1969 and worked for 13 years as a pharmacist.
Since 1988, she is the Vice Chairman of Pet Holding as well as Chair of the Board for the Köksal Education Foundation.
She was the first woman in Turkey chosen as a member of the Ministry of Justice Penal Institutions and Detention Houses Monitoring Board, a post in which she served from 2001 to 2007.
Along with her business carrier, she is intensely involved with music as a lute player and composer. She has composed some 120 works, 82 of which are in the TRT repertory. She has also released three, Turkish Art Music albums, namely “İçimdeki Duygular”, “Duygu Pınarı” and “Aşk Senfonisi”.
In addition to all these endeavors she is interested in photography and had two solo exhibitions of photography, “Doğanın Çoşkusu”.

Yekta Türkcan
Pet Holding General Manager

Yekta Türkcan, the General Manager of Pet Holding since 1992, began his career in 1963 and over the years served as the Assistant Inspector, Inspector, Deputy Director, Director and Executive Vice President of Ziraat Bankası, T. Halk Bank General Manager Counsel and Executive Vice President of  T. Halk Bank.
Yekta Türkcan graduated from the Department of Finance and Economics, Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University in 1960.

DR. Mehmet Ali Ak
Petoil General Manager

Dr. Ak has 33 years of oil industry experience across exploration, operations, business development and management and was the Director of Exploration in Turkish Petroleum Corporation before joining Petoil in 2001. 
Between 1995 and 1998, he served in the Board of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers as Vice President, President and Past President. 
Dr. Ak holds BSc and MSc degrees in Geophysics from Istanbul University and a PhD in Geophysics from Ankara University in Turkey.

Suphi Kabadayı
Pet Kontur General Manager

Before joining the Pet family in 2006 as the General Manager of Pet Kontur Inc., a subsidiary of Pet Holding, Mr. Kabadayı began his career in 1977 and respectively served as the Assistant Inspector, Inspector, Deputy Director, Executive Vice President of Ziraat Bankası; Credit Cards Coordinator of Vakıflar Bankası and Tekstil Bank and Executive Vice President of Şeker Bank. Suphi Kabadayı is a graduate of TED Ankara College and I.T.I.A in Bursa.

Zeynep Köksal Yaykıran 
Pet Holding Vice Chairman

Ms. Köksal Yaykıran has 10 years of experience in Pet Holding and its group of companies. She is a board member of Pet Holding. She started as a management trainee in 2000. She worked as the sales, marketing and public relations coordinator/manager of the housing and construction projects. Between 2008-2010, she served as Vice President, Ankara Branch Coordinator in the Board of TUGIAD (Young Businessman Association of Turkey). 
She continues to serve as the Vice President for International and Economical Affairs of Ankara Young Businessmen Association between the years 2012 and 2014. 
Ms. Köksal Yaykıran holds BSc in Hotel and Tourism Management from Bilkent University, Ankara and MA degree in Entrepreneurial Management, European Business School, London and MBA degree in Webster University, London.

Ayşe Köksal Çetin
Pet Holding Vice Chairman

Ayşe Köksal Çetin is a graduate in Industrial Engineering from the Northeastern University, Boston, U.S.A., Çetin completed her MBA degree in Bilkent University in 2000. Between 2003 - 2004, she received her Masters degree in Law majoring in Dispute Prevention and Resolution in International Agreements from Westminster University, London.
Ayse Koksal Çetin has worked in senior positions for oil, finance, mining and telecommunication departments within Pet Holding between 2004 – 2008. She was the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pet Holding. Currently, she serves as the United Kingdom Representative of the Holding as well as a Board Member. She is interested in music, art and sports; and has the title of champion of Turkey in finswimming.

Cüneyt Şapcıoğlu
Petma General Manager
Mr. Sapcioglu brings with him more then 30 years worldwide experience in the oil exploration and production industry which he gained working for Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Shell, Perenco and Turkish Petroleum International Company. Prior to joining Petoil, he held positions as Seismologist, Chief Geophysicist, Petroleum Economist, Contracts Negotiator and Commercial Coordinator. Mr. Sapcioglu holds a BSc degree in Geophysics from the Aegean University in Izmir, Turkey.