July 2016
Drilling and testing operations have been completed in the Chia Surkh-12 well. Work has
commenced on the feasibility and engineering aspects of field development.



May 2016
Petoil, a subsidiary of Pet Holding, is continuing its exploration activities in Chia Surkh-12
in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.



June 2015
The Command of Mausoleum presented a plaquette of thanks to Pet Holding for their
contribution to the concert performed as part of the celebration of May 19 Atatürk
Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day held at the Mausoleum. Vice chairman Pinar Koksal,
who also contributed to the night with her musical compositions, received a plaquette from
Colonel Muzaffer Taytak.



June 2015
Petoil, one of the companies of Pet Holding, pushed the button to search for gas in the state
of Texas, US. Carrying out their work with Capital Framework, a US based financial company,
 Petoil will be the first Turkish company seeking oil in the US. This news appears in both
domestic and international press.


May 2015
Pet Holding’s Vice President, pharmacist and composer Pinar Koksal’s compositions
are performed in the presence our leader Atatürk in Anıtkabir Mausoleum on 19th May 2015.
Köksal’s composition which is made for the Ataturk’s 125th birthday is greeted with acclaim
from thousands of people who filled the Anıtkabir ceremony area.


March 2015
Petma, a Pet Holding subsidiary, has participated in 21st MARBLE International Natural Stone
& Technologies Fair that has been held between March 25-28, 2015 in Izmir, Turkey. The Fair,
where Petma had been welcome its visitors for the fourth time, hosts leading block marble,
natural stone producers as well as heavy duty machinery manufacturers.



Pet Companies, that was founded in 1976 in Ankara has witnessed the stream of history in many parts of the wordl from Denver to Yakutia during these past 41 years. It has added East Germany to the countries in which it operates during the fall of Berlin wall and where there was uncertainty. In 1991, when Soviet Union collapsed, it has the title of "First Turkish Company" that invested on those lands for years.
In Northern Iraq it was the "first oil Company" during years where weapons talk instead of politicians.
It is reliable, courageous and always a pioneer. As the founder of the company, Güntekin Köksal, said: We are a team that gives importance to its reputation rather than its materialistic needs,  doesn't wonder the way which we know is right and doeasn't  change the route with every blowing wind."
41 times Mashallah to Pet Holding for its 41 years.


October 2014
In 2014, the book "Our 40 Year History", which was written by Zeynep Köksal Yaykıran,
about the establishment and development of Pet Holding , has won silver book design
award from the International Creativity Awards. We would like to thank to our design
company, CY Design.

May 2014
Our Member of Board of Directors Zeynep Köksal Yaykıran wrote a book named
"Our 40 year history".

This work, if desired, can be reached by contacting us.

                                                                                                                  Click to Download the book in pdf format.

April 2014
40th Anniversary gala dinner.
The story of a tiny seed, planted in 1974, turning into a big plane tree with love effort and
cooperation... April 18, 2014 Firday evening, Pet Holding Family celebrated their 40th year
with a very nice and attentive gala dinner. Pet Holding Board of Directors, employees,
guests, many former employees, business partners, solution partners international and
national media organizations came together at this night. Following the openning speech
of Prof. Dr. Güntekin Köksal, Pet Holding 40th year video was shown. After a short concert
of Hakan Aysev who is a close friend of Köksal family, a plaque was presented to those who
completed their 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th year in the company. Also Pınar Köksal was presented
a plaque for her 26th year and Güntekin Köksal was presented a plaque for the memory of
40th anniversary. Also a custom made bronze sculptrue was given as a gift to Pınar
and Güntekin Köksal couple by Pet Holding employees. The bronze sculpture, which as
the surprise of the night and was made by retired ambassador and artist Engin Türker, discloses
that the company is moving to the future and higher, working together with the chairman of the board,
vice chairman and Pet Holding team. Then continuing to the night with orchestra and dance music,
former deputy, music artist Faruk Demir, a close friend of Köksal family, enlivened the night with
songs. On this night a book named "Our 40 year history" written by Zeynep Köksal Yaykıran
and a CD named "Premier Records - Şölen Dikener and friends" which was sponsored by
Pet Holding by the scope of the 40th year, were distributed. Our most sincere thanks to everyone
who contributed to this night..
To more 40's...

February 2014
We renewed our logo entering the 40th year.

October 2012
Petma General Manager, Zeynep Koksal Yaykiran, handed over her position to Cuneyt Sapcioglu as she
will be having a baby soon. We congradulate Mrs. Yaykıran and  wish Mr. Şapcıoğlu success in his
new post.

September 2012
In the 14th International Energy Arena Conference that took place in Istanbul on 24-25 September 2012,
Prof. Dr. Güntekin Köksal, Chairman of Pet Holding and Petoil Inc. lectured on the Petroleum
Apperance of  Turkey and Northern Iraq.

August 2012
The sale of the 23% share of Petoil’s A&T Petroleum Ltd. in the Bina Bawi Northern Iraq project is
finalized on August 1, 2012.

August 2012
2D seismic data acquisiton initiated on August 06, 2012 in Chia Surkh exploration block in North Iraq, in
which Petoil has a 20% interest.

August 2012
Petma began receiving photos from the projects that use Turnalit Beige.

May 2012
Petma's General Manager was invited to Ankara University Career Days as a lecturer.

April 2012
2012 season started. Petma is welcoming clients in the quarry.

March 2012
Petma visited the Xiamen Stone Fair.

March 2012
Petma exhibited at Marble 2012.

February 2012
Petma was at Stona 2012.

January 2012
Petma continues to work in winter to meet demands.

December 2011
Petma is quarrying the third level.

November 2011
Petma began exporting blocks to the world.

October 2011
Petma's website is available.

September 2011
Petma's corporate work is complete.

July 2011
Export inclined block production of Petma began.

May 2011
Petma is quarrying the second level.

Apri 2011
Petma's block production begins.

March 2011
Heavy machinery arrive at Petma camp.

February 2011
Petma's site camp is set up.