We believe that the development of society is not only an economic aspect but can also be increased by social, cultural and artistic activities.
Therefore, as Pet Holding, since the day we were founded, we value and support different branches of culture and artistic activities.

Turkish- Japanese Friendship Concert, 10 March 2017, Bursa

Compositions by Pınar Köksal, Board Member of Pet Holding, were conducted by Ender Sakpınar and played by Bursa Region Symphony Orchestra (BBDSO). Solists of the concert were tenor Hakan Aysev, Soprano Feryal Türkoğlu, koto player Atsuko Suetomi and kanun(zither) player Halil Altınköprü. The concert was sponsored by Pet Holding. Pınar Köksal, Zeynep Köksal Yaykıran, Ali Ak and Cüneyt Şapçıoğlu from Pet Holding attended the concert. 



Conductor Alfredo Sorichetti and Pionist Emre Yavuz were hosted in Eskişehir, 06 January 2017

Eskişehir Symphony Orchestra held a concert on 06 January 2017. The concert was conducted by guest Italian conductor Alfredo Sorichetti and solo piano was played by guest pionist Emre Yavuz. This concert was sponsored by Pet Holding. Conductor Alfredo Sorichetti is the director of Euro Sinfonietta Vienna since 2015, and pionist Emre Yavuz won “The Best Pionist- Panmusica Austria International Music Awards” and “The Best Schubert interpreter” in 2016.


“Mosaic Through History” by sedef Yavuzalp, Exhibition, 30 Nov – 30 Dec 2016, KEV Art Gallery

Pet Holding hosted Sedef Yavuzalp’s (Kampala Ambassador of Tukish Republic), personal exhibition “Mosaics Through History” in KEV(Köksal Education Foundation) Art Gallery. The exhibition was held to raise funds for KEV, that provides scholarships for university students. The Exhibition was held between 30 Nov- 30 Dec 2016 at KEV Art Gallery, that is in Pet Holding head ofiice building.


Award winning conductor Jan-Lathan-Koenig in Turkey, 14 Oct. 2016

Famous conductors are visiting Turkey for concerts. Pet Holding continues its contributions and sponsorships in arts and cultural activities. English conducter Jan Lathan-Koenig conducted a concert by Eskişehir Sypmhony Orchestra on 14 Oct. 2016. Jan Lathan-Koenig is the director of Novaya Opera in Moscow since 2011. Famous conductor was selected “The Best Conductor” in Russian Golden Mask Festival in 2014.


Turkish- Japanese Friendship Concert, 25 March 2016, Adana

Compositions by Pınar Köksal, Board Member of Pet Holding, were conducted by Ender Sakpınar and played by Çukurova Symphony Orchestra (ÇDSO). Solists of the concert were tenor Hakan Aysev, Soprano Feryal Türkoğlu, koto player Atsuko Suetomi and kanun(zither) player Göksel Baktagir. The concert was sponsored by Pet Holding. The audience strongly applaused this concert that was sponsored by Pet Holding





Award from SAKÜDER, Jan 2016

Pınar Köksal, Vice President for Pet Holding was awarded “Honorary Reward” for Pet Holding’s contributions for arts and culture by SAKÜDER ( Art and Artist cultural Organization). The ceremony was held in Çankaya Municipality’s Modern Arts Cultural Center. Pınar Köksal stated that she is honored to be rewarded on this special night and occassion. “I am thrilled, as I am also involved in music and arts, as well as being a businesswoman. I believe that arts is a link between people and countries and is the most important universal language and power that connects people” said Köksal. History Prof. İlber Ortaylı, CHP Mersin Member of Parliment Fikri Sağlar, President of union of Turkish Bar Associations, Prof. Metin Feyzioğlu were also awarded “Honorary Reward” at this ceremony.


The Turkish diplomat and artist Engin Türker opened 33 rd.personal painting and sculpture exhibition in Ankara. Between May 28-June 6 which can be viewed at Pet Holding Art Gallery under the name "Father-Son / Curator and Artist". The aim of this exebition is: Engin Türker’ son Kerem Türker  passed  to eternity in 2014. Father Engin Türker  presents a cross-section of the dreams they created with his son Kerem. This special exhibition consists of Kerem Türker’s last 10 years in his life of works selected.


First Concert in Anıtkabir after 17 years: 19 May 2015

Pet Holding sponsored the "At The Mausoleum at 19.00 , 19 May" concert  as a part of PetHolding's 41 years art events. THousands of public, the military and the civilians came together hand in hand and celebrated the Youth and Sports Day in the presence of their Ancestors under the coordination of Mausoleum Command. At the evening,  the composition named "Atatürk" which was written by the Vice Chairmand of the Board of Directors Pınar Köksal in memory of Atatürk's 125th birthday, met with the audience for the first time. Hakan Aysev and soprano Feryal Türkoğlu vocalized several compositions of Pınar Köksal accompanied by Turkish Armed Forces Harmonica Harmony Orchestra.


9 January 2015

PetHolding said hello to 41 years of cultural and art events by supporting "Liberation Anniversary Concert of Adana".  Event took place in the birthplace of Pınar Köksal, vice chairman of the board of directors of Petholding. Köksal's compositions were performed by Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra and by master artists.
Within the context of the concert which was sponsered by PetHolding, tenor Hakan Aysev, soprano Feryal Türkoğlu,  zitherist Göksel Baktagir and conductor Ender Sakpınar performed Pınar Köksal's compositions accompanied by Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra.  The owner of the compositions, Pınar Köksal, also attended the evening.
The interest in the concert was quite intese that some of the audiences were not able to find a place to sit and watched the event standing up. The concert took place in Adana Sheraton Hotel's Ballroom.
In the final of the concert which was lasted for one and a half hours, Pınar Köksal came on stage. Köksal who has around 120 compositons which 94 of them are in TRT's repertoire, gave a speech: "This meaningful project  that we first performed last year in Eskişehir is so important to set an example for the young composers and to reach the artlovers in different regions of our Conutry. Although I am living in Ankara, my place of orgin is Adana. Also our conductor Ender Sakpınar and tenor Hakan Aysev is from Adana."
AFter her speech, Köksal performed the song "kiss me" together with master artists accompanied by applause.

"Öp Beni" Click to watch Youtube Video.

Within Pet Holding’s 40th year anniversary’s culture and artistry activities framework, Pet Holding sponsored the 90th year anniversary of the beginning of Turkey and Japan’s diplomatic relations concert event which was organized by the Turkish-Japanese foundation.

October 2014
The Turkish-Japanese friendship concert held in İstanbul at İş Sanat on 21 October, reached about 1000 viewers. In the event night where Prof. Dr. Cafer Tayyar Sadıklar and Japan’s ambassador Yutaka Yokoi made the opening speech, Turkey’s canon virtuoso Göksel Baktagir and Japan’s world famous Kato artist Atsuko Suetomi created a magnificent music feast. Both musicians gave a pleasant and very different, ground breaking concert while performing their Turkish and Japanese compositions with their instruments. In the concert where reed flute musician Eyüp Hamiş was a guest performer, Pınar Köksal, Pet Holding’s Vice Chairman’s “Esinti” composition was also performed.

In the second half of the event night, one of Turkey’s best pianists Gülsün Onay gave a wonderful short concert.

As Pet Holding, we are very happy to have been able to contribute to this night and we are proud to at least have some contribution to the Turkish-Japanese friendship.

Please click here to watch the concert video.

PICASSO: Engravings and ceramics from the house of his birth 6 May-20 June 2014

Cermodern, under the main sponsorship of Pet Holding, brings together the "Picasso: Engravings and ceramics from the house of his birth" exhibition with art lovers of Ankara which consist of gravings, ceramics and personal belongings that were chosen from his birthplace, Museo Casa Natal in Malaga, between the dates 6 May - 20 July 2014.

“Premier Records - Şölen Dikener and friends" CD April 2014
"Premier Records - Şölen Dikener and friends" CD which was sponsed by Pet Holding with in the context of 40th year art and culture events, was released.

Our Art and Cultural Activities as We are entering the 40th year.

 19th International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition of Turkey, May 15-17 2013
The concert program within the scope of the “19th International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition of Turkey” to take place in JW Marriott Hotel through May 15-17 will be sponsored by Petoil Inc. Hakan Aysev will vocalize Pınar Köksal’s compositions in the concert where Kanun Artist Göksel Baktagir will be the music director. 

Recep Peker Tanıtkan photography exhibition, May 2013
In May, with the contributions of Pet Holding and Pinar Köksal, the Photographer Recep Peker Tanıtkan who holds 71 first price; 386 second and third prices in photograpy, will open his 20th personal photography exhibition at Pet Holding Exhibiton Hall.

Theater Presentation April-2013

14 Nisan 2013, Pazar günü saat 15:00’te  Pet Holding çalışanları için Ankara Meydan Sahnesi Oyuncuları, “Eşeğin Gölgesi” adlı oyunu sahnelediler. Gösteri öncesi Yönetmen Mine Acar ve iki sanatçı Pınar Köksal’a özel bir plaket ve çiçek sundular. Oyun çok güzeldi.  Mine Acar’ın şahsında kendisine ve tüm oyuncuları gönülden tebrik ediyoruz!

Women Composers Concert , 10 April 2013

The "Women Composers Concert" program  will be organized by Maltepe İbrahim Kaya Music Associatiion on April 10, 2013 at Maltepe Türkan Saylan Cultural Center with the contributions of Composer Pınar Köksal. The concert will begin with pieces of former composers and continue with Pınar Köksal’s compositions. Latterly, Guest Vocalist Hakan Aysev will recite Pınar Köksal’s pieces


METU ART 14, March-April 2013
Pet Holding is the main sponsor of the"METU Art 14" Artistic Activities to take place between, March 22 - April 21 at the Culture and Congress Center in the Middle East Technical University.


TYSD Art Collection and Watercolour Painters Group Exhibition, February 2013
The opening of “TYSD Art Collection and Watercolour Painters Group Exhibition” within the scope of Charitable Society of Turkey’s 85th Anniversary activities took place at Pet Holding Exhibition Hall from February 21 to March 2, 2013 with the support of Pet Holding and Pınar Köksal. Following the Chairman of Pet Holding, Mr. Güntekin Köksal’s speech, a miniconcert was performed with the contributions of Koto: Atsuko Suetomi Kanun: Halil Altınköprü Guest Artist: Faruk Demir .

Antakya Chorus of Civilizations, February 2013
Antakya Chorus of Civilizations’ concert program took place on Saturday, February 23, 2013 as a part of Charitable Society of Turkey’s 85th Anniversary activites. Prior to the concert, the chorus members visited our Deputy Chairman Pınar Köksal. In this manner, they had the opportunity to see the exhibition at Pet Holding Exhibition Hall where a introduction party took place.   

 CSO Concert, 29 March 2013
Pet Holding sponsors the concert program on March 29, 2013 to be organized at the CSO Concert Hall for Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday. Soprano Şule Köken and Tenor Ünüşan Kuloğlu will be a part of the concert conducted by Maestro Vakhtang Matchavariani.




Ankara Institute of Maturation “Colors in the Patterns” Embroidery Exhibition – November 23, 2012
“Colors in Patterns” Emboridery Exhibition by Ankara Institute of Maturation Embroidery Workshops opened in our Holding’s Exhibition Hall on November 23, 2012 for Teacher’s Day. The exhibitioned hosted by the Director of the Institute of Maturation Ayşenur Usta and Vice Chairman of Pet Holding Pharm. Composer Pınar Köksal, earned the appreciation of art lovers in Ankara. Many familiar names from the world of business, culture and policts attended the exhibition.Former Minister of Justice Professor. Dr. Hikmet Sami Turk who inaugurated the exhibition, held a speech on the importance of the exhibition performed especially for Teachers' Day.

Gaziantep University Culture and Art Days    April 16, 2012
On April 16, 2012, Gaziantep University Turkish Music State Conservatory organized the Pınar Köksal’s ‘Symphony of Love’ Concert within the scope of "Culture and Art Days". Under the art direction of Göksel Baktagir, Hakan Aysev and Umut Akyürek presented an unforgettable evening to the art lovers.

CSO (Presidential Symphony Orchestra) Concert January 31, 2012
In the framework of the 38th Culture and Arts Events, Pet Holding sponsored the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert where Conductor Danail Rachev and Pianist Angela Hewit were invited and works of Johannes Brahms and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky were performed.

Women and Youth Platform Association and Pinar Koksal Concert January 30, 2012
Women and Youth Platform Association organized an event for its member under the auspices of Pınar Köksal and in the event, a concert of Pınar Köksal’s compositions also took place. Aegean University Conservatory faculty member and artist Khalil Altınköprü, Dr. Zafer Mutlu and one of Turkey’s significant voices Faruk Demir performed Pınar Köksal’s works.
Women and Youth Platform Association Event and Pınar Köksal Concert I June 11, 2010
Women and Youth Platform Association organized the event, “Let’s welcome the summer with music and enthusiasm”, on June 11, 2010 under the auspicies of Pet Holding’s Vice Chairman Pınar Köksal.
Members of the Association had a delightful time enjoying both Pınar Köksal’s “Nature’s Exubarence II” Photography Exhibition and the concert she performed with her own voice and instrument of her own compositions.
Faruk Demir also took stage during the mini concert accompanied by Kanun Artist Halil Altınköprü.

Antalya Concert April 24, 2011
Within the frame of the 6th Antalya Turkish Music Days, works of Pharm. Composer Pinar Köksal was executed with the"Syphony of Love" concert as the closing concert. Art lovers of Antalya showed great interest in the concert. They had wonderful moments with the famous tenor Hakan Aysev and Umut Akyürek.

“Nature’s Exuberance II” from Pınar Köksal’s Objective Photography Exhibition May 25, 2010
The opening of “Nature’s Exuberance Through the Eyes of Photo Artist Pinar Köksal II” exhibition took place on May 25, 2010 with the participation of guests from the world of business, art and politics. President of Koksal Education Foundation and Pet Holding’s Vice Chairman, Pharm. Composer Pınar Köksal successfully continues her music composing activities in addition to her photography works.All od Pet Holding’s culture and arts activities are carried out for the benefit of Koksal Education Foundation. the proceeds of this exhibition too, are donated to Koksal Education Foundation.
Bodrum Children's Park Opening April 23, 2010
The opening of Prof. Dr. Koksal Güntekin Köksal Children’s Park was on on April 23, 2010 in Bodrum. During the opening, a concert by the famous tenor Hakan Aysev took place.
Northern Iraq Concert September 28, 2010
On September 28, 2010, in Northern Iraq, Erbil Pınar Köksal’s "Symphony of Love" concert was organized and became the first in the area. Hakan Aysev and Umut Akyürek received great applause from the Iraqi audience.  Pinar Koksal performed several of her own works in the event as well.

Bosphorus Music Foundation, January 18, 2010
On January 18, 2010, Composer Pınar Köksal’s compositions were performed as a part of Bosphorus Music Foundation Concert conducted by Yaşmut Sözer.

Ayla Ertuzun Art Exhibition March 29, 2009
On March 29, 2011, Pınar Köksal’s compositions were performed during the Ayla Ertüzün’s Art Exhibition that took place in Pet Holding Exhibition Hall. The profit of the organization was donated to Yardım Sevenler Charity Organization.

Gönül Akın Art Exhibition February 10, 2009
All the profit from Gönül Akın’s Art Exhibition that took place in Pet Holding Exhibition Hall on February 10, 2009 within the frame of Pet Holding 35th Year Arts and Culture Events was donated to Köksal Education Foundation.

Ottoman Life Opening Night August 18, 2007
In the opening of ‘Konak Residences’ project by Ottoman Life, a subsidiary of Pet Holding company of a pet with its own capital Ottoman Life's "Konak" project, an unforgettable concert by the world-famous guitarist Al Di Meola Halicarnassos took place in Bodrum.